Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On The Road

The weather's perfect so we are off to enjoy a weekend in Utica, Illinois with our fellow Windy City Winnies, WIT group. (Winnebago RV's Club) There we have plans to take a trolley ride to the historic town, visit the Starved Rock area, take a boat tour plus enjoy a potluck dinner with our group. We will also attend a play called "Exit Who?"
We will then leave Utica to attend a State Rally in Crescent, Illinois. Never attending an Illinois State Rally I am so looking forward to this trip, for I've heard they are filled with fun days.
So to my kids I leave behind and pets....you could have come!!!


MaryC said...

Really cute card, Ace! Have fun on your trip.

Anonymous said...

WOW, you are gonna have some fun filled days. Have a great time. I love that little Scotty trailer. See you when you get home (if you ever stay put long enough)

Emilia said...

Wow~look you are going to have a good time with the trip. Enjoy!