Sunday, February 28, 2010

WestWorld of Scottsdale

Pictures from Scottsdale's 57th. Annual Parada Del Sol Pro Rodeo at WestWorld.
Jerry, trying on cowboy hats....we liked this one on him.
Coolest grill I ever seen.
Friends and family
Start of the Rodeo and pictures below of me trying to capture some of the highlights of the event on film.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip Up South Mountain

South mountain Park has been mentioned as the largest city park in the world. At nearly 17,000 acres it certainly covers a lot of ground, although it isn't a park in the sense of grass, and playgrounds, and lakes, and ducks, as one might think. South Mountain Park is a desert mountain preserve.
Below is a view of downtown Phoenix from South Mountain.

Jerry and Linda hiking up to one of the trails on my suggestion only to find out we could have drove to the start of the trail.
Jerry and Linda posing with a background view of Phoenix.
That's me and my cousin posing as my husband tries out my camera.
Captured this man jumping from mountain peak to mountain cool.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Arizona Photo's......

More photo's from our stay in Arizona.....hope your enjoying them.
Most of us have heard of stores called Build A Bear well in Glendale we found a store to build cars. Since our grandsons love the Sion car we build one for each of them as shown in these photo's. The last photo is the finish product of one of the cars.

The next photo's were taken at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Here we hiked for several hours and enjoyed the scenery with my cousin and her husband.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The New Rawhide....

When we lived in Arizona we often took our guest to Rawhide for a day of experiencing the OLD WEST. Since our last visit there they have moved and expanded what they have to offer for entertainment. They have gun fights on the street, shows, donkey rides and one can get a steak dinner and view an old western movie as one eats, plus the many gift shops of western wear. They now have a small museum on the premises which I posted one picture of a coin operated machine that plays a violin. I thought this was so unique for I never saw one before. The day we went the AGRA met at Rawhide, no opinion on this. The other photo's, are of me that my husband took as we toured the grounds.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Sorry no cards to show you lately hopefully I'll find time this week to make some.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The above photo's are from a dinner show extravaganza that we attended called the Howdy Show! My husband got picked to be on stage with the actors, which caused major hysteria.

All the above pictures are from our trip up to Superstition mountain and the Lost Dutchman Museum and Ghost Town.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What A Fun Filled Week....

Below each picture will be a synopsis of the picture....
My cousin and her husband arrived at the resort with their 5th wheel. They will be staying with us for a month at the resort.
The resort had a party and since it was a baby sitting day we took our granddaughter to the party, breaking her in early....
Here I am dressed to party :)
Papa and Addison taking a walk around the grounds.
Here we took a tour of an Air Force Museum and we had a chance to climb up into a B17 aircraft. Naturally I had to climb up and get my cousin to follow suit. The quarters in the craft were very tight but we got a good feel what our soldiers were exposed to when they flew these planes.

Here we are playing Boccie Ball and teaching the game to my cousin and her husband.
Here Linda and I are posing on a trip to Schnepf Farms for the Peach Blossom Festival this week. The owner of the farm gave us a tour of the whole operation and the history of the farm which has been in the family for generations.
Hubby and I pose in front of one of the trees.

These two pictures are of another adventure we went on this week. Garmin steered us wrong and we followed its directions only to land in a barren field and be told that " you have arrived at your destination". Well our destination was the Queen Creek Olive Mill that was holding a festival. Do you see a festival in those pictures?
We finally did find the place and had a tour of the mill and enjoyed samples of olives and the oils they made.
Here we are at the Olive Mill sampling some wine.