Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip Up South Mountain

South mountain Park has been mentioned as the largest city park in the world. At nearly 17,000 acres it certainly covers a lot of ground, although it isn't a park in the sense of grass, and playgrounds, and lakes, and ducks, as one might think. South Mountain Park is a desert mountain preserve.
Below is a view of downtown Phoenix from South Mountain.

Jerry and Linda hiking up to one of the trails on my suggestion only to find out we could have drove to the start of the trail.
Jerry and Linda posing with a background view of Phoenix.
That's me and my cousin posing as my husband tries out my camera.
Captured this man jumping from mountain peak to mountain cool.

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MaryC said...

On the move again! You have a lot of energy for a retiree. LOL! It makes me tired just looking at your pictures.
Glad you are having fun.