Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Gifts

This was a new experiment and I'm so excited how it came out.  I compiled all the photo's I  took during the past year and created a book for each of my children .  Above is the book I created for my son with the boys.  Its a hard cover book, that has about 22 pages of pictures of the boys and their parents. 
 My signature on this is Grandma One Door for that is the name my grandsons gave me.  In case your wondering why..... its because we only have one garage door, while the other set of grandparents have 3 doors and yes they are know has Grandma & Grandpa 3 doors.  :)
Below is the other gift I've made for the kids........

Highlights of this year family calendar includes, not only family photo's but art work and photo's I've done or taken throughout the year.  Above is the cover page and two of the months
that are included in the calendar.  (November and December)


MaryC said...

OMG!! I love this! How fun that you signed it Grandma One Door. That cracks me up. Are those flowers in your yard? How lovely. Those kids are gorgeous.

Perky Nihilist said...

I love that you are Grandma One Door. That's so sweet.

What a great gift idea. I especially like how you incorporated some of your art in the calendar too. It's so personal and just plain awesome.

Did you take the pictures of the flowers? Beautiful.

Claudette said...

All the pictures, even the flowers are pictures I took. The pictures of the flowers where taken while I was on one of our many camping trips throughout the year.

Godelieve said...

Very nice work, "Grandma One Door" :) (brings back memories of how our son called his grandparents...)
I bet your family was really surprised with these fabulous unique books!!