Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Party At Blackhawk Camp-grounds

When you don't come in costume our friend found out they will have one for you....haha
Hubby and I surprised our camping group with our Harley attire.  They had never seen us dress as bikers before, for normally we dress very conservative.   They now know we have another side. :)--------ok, we cheated a bit in the costume department.
Below are some of our fellow campers and their costumes.


Perky Nihilist said...

You and your DH look terrific! I didn't know that side of you either.

Love your flower child friend's costume. So groovy!

Claudette said...

we voted him for best one knew who he was

Monica-FC said...

how cool is that. I love the flower child one. way groovy dude.

Dawn B said...

I love the look of the "bikers" Wish I could pull off a doorag like you do, lol. I always just have to have helemt hair!