Wednesday, May 27, 2009

12 on the 12th (May)

For those visiting the my blog, 12 on the 12th, means one takes 12 photo's of ones daily activities on the 12 day of the month.  Then one scraps them, and at the end of the year you have an album finished.  
On the 12th of this month I babysat my 4 grandsons who are now more then willing to pose for me.  My daughter also helped me with the boys this day.  Being their backyard boarders a state park we have many venturous outings while I'm there.  So photographed are my grandsons, Erik, Haze, Cree and Rev, daughter Jamie and myself.


Godelieve said...

Beautiful page Claudette! This is going to be a wonderful year-album!!

Laura O'Donnell said...

glad to see you're still doing 12 on the 12th, so am I, though I did forget for the first time in May so I had to do 13 on the 13th.

Monica-FC said...

wonderful page and how you must had fun that day.