Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Lakes Kite Festival

Grand Haven, Michigan ......view from the beach

Several of our camping friends waiting for the demonstrations to begin. The wind and cold didn't keep us from staying outside for several hours each day, it only let us to put more layers of clothing on.
Kite flyer out on Lake Michigan....brrrrrrrrrr
Kite shaped as a man in a wet suit ....air fills the body of the kite
Dragonfly Kite
Nemo Kite
 Kite toss out candy for the kids below
Next 3 photo's indoor kite flying

This past week I went to the Great Lakes Kite Festival, in Grand Haven, Michigan. Being a bit skeptical of what my experience would be like I came away an enthusiast. 

First I experienced Indoor kite flying, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.  Indoor kite flying challenges the observer to question the very idea of gravity.  The kites used are made of strong lightweight fabrics and composite carbon rods.  A skilled pilot can maneuver these kites in a windless environment with ease. 

Other featured events included outdoor demonstrations, Moonwalk and inflatable obstacle courses, test fields, night fly and an open flying field.

I got to watch National Champions Zach Gordon and John Baressi , the iQuad, Chicago Fire National Championship Team, Windjammers Kite Team, Paul de Bakker who is the 2008 Indoor National Champion perform just to name a few  demonstrators.  They also gave free lessons to all who were interested.

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Perky Nihilist said...

Wow. That must have been so fascinating. I know I had a "huh" moment when I saw the indoor kite flying - never heard or imagined that before.

I'm pretty sure they have kite festivals here in UT. Thanks to your direction I'll be sure to seek one out.

We bought a stunt kite kit to study aerodynamics but that is barely the tip of the iceberg. Can't wait to learn more.

Thanks for your email, it is ever so appreciated.