Monday, October 12, 2009

Burgoo Festival 2009

This weekend I attended the Burgoo Festival as you will read below. So on my home coming this is the first card I decided to make after being inspired by the fall colors and weather I experienced during this latest camping trip.
Stamp by Hampton Art Stamp and Whipper Snapper Word stamp.

Now pictured below is from this past weekend at the Burgoo Festival held by the LaSalle County Historical Society. The festival offers a wide variety of things to do and see as a car show, musical entertainment, vendors, flea marketers and craftsmen selling their wares in downtown Utica.
But Burgoo is the highlight of the event, it's a hearty pioneer stew that gave its name to the festival. The stew contains beef and many kinds of vegetables. The burgoo is cooked outdoors over a wood-burning fire that gives it its special taste I am told. They have squads of volunteers who stir the stew as it cooks between 12 to 18 hours. After viewing the pots the stew was made in I will admit I didn't try it for the cooking conditions looked very unsanitary to me. However, many people told me it was actually very good. Maybe the rust from the iron pots added that hidden flavor.....

Stirring of the burgoo stew.
Jerry, Linda and Karl going into one of the speciality shops.
Pictured again Karl and Linda who attended the festival with us.

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MaryC said...

I love the card and I wouldn't eat any of that stew either. But the festival looked fun.