Friday, October 2, 2009

Silent night .....for my cat lover friends.

Here are a few Christmas cards for my cat lover friends and a gift tag. The stamp set I used was by Craft Lounge--Purr-fect! Wishes

Here is a cat story for is my husbands birthday, so my daughter decided to make him a cake. She did just that with a bit of difficulty in frosting it ( its her first solo cake). Soon she was satisfied with her results and went into the bathroom to clean up.
Now BOBO the cat who was watching her all night make this cake, decided to check out her creation. He must have liked what he saw, for as I tell you this story she is making another cake to bring over for her Dad.


Donna said...

Oh Ace, that is too funny. Hope she had better luck with the second one and that her dad appreciated her efforts.

She is being domesticated!

Donna said...

Oh BTW, I love those cat cards, too. So creative.

MaryC said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Claudette! I love the cards made by the Mrs.
Cute cat story.

Monica-FC said...

love the cat cards. and thats what you get for leaving food out. LOL. I know we always had to put food away with lucky when he was alive or lucky would get into it. we learnt quickly to put away when done.